May 16, 2014

{Field Day}

Today was Field Day for Kalia.

This girl has struggled the past couple weeks. Not sure what the deal is….too tired…ready for less work & more fun…I’m sure some of it is still adjusting to Caiden being home.

IMG_0330 IMG_0339

But everything was great today. She was able to be outside the whole time (her favorite place) and everything was structured, but didn’t require her to sit still & stare at the chalkboard/papers/iPad. She could be free.

IMG_0302 IMG_0337  IMG_0313

And just look at her smile! She participated in everything…without nary a whimper or whine. That smile was plastered on her face the entire morning!

This is the happy girl I fell in love with in China! Even our guide called her “Happy Girl” because she seriously smiled & giggled from about the 2nd day we had her. Things changed a bit once we got home (anxiety, frustration with not being able to talk, not sure….) but she’s definitely not always happy now. So when we get days like today, we celebrate!

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