May 18, 2014

{2 Months}


Another fantastic month!

Little Man is learning & growing so fast! He’s really becoming part of a family. He’s feeling more comfortable and fitting in so well. I really am impressed with how well he’s doing.

The good:
* Caiden is still a great sleeper, but we’re having more issues with him falling asleep now. I think he hears everyone else still up & he doesn’t want to lay down & sleep…keeps coming out. Once we get him to lay still, he’s out. Goes to bed around 8:30 or 9 (for the summer) and sleeps until around 6:30.
* He is still a very picky eater, which I’m not used to at all! He loves meat (except hamburger), but now doesn’t care for noodles (with sauce, like spaghetti or mac & cheese) or potatoes (which he used to LOVE). He doesn’t care for sauces or condiments. Still loves bread, milk, bananas, yogurt and pretty much anything sweet.
* He is happy, active & loves to be outside. He now understands that we leave in the mornings, but we come back. He helps me get my things ready to go in the morning, tells me bye & love you, reminds everyone that I’m going to work but baba is staying home (mama work, baba home). He comes & gives me hugs & a big smile every evening.
* He talks all the time! Beginning to put 2 words together (mama work, Kalia school, sit down, love you, good boy, etc.) He has started speech therapy, though I think he’s doing great (better to get him help now than try to later if an issue arose). He still gets Emilee & Amanda mixed up when calling them. If I say “where’s Amanda” he’ll point to the correct one. But if he’s calling for one of them to come here or talking about them he sometimes mixes them up.
* Attachment is SO MUCH BETTER! He has pretty good eye contact (still working on it), and does not run & asked to be picked up by total strangers. He doesn’t yet have normal boundaries, but it’s better.

Areas of concern:
* Listening is a big issue right now. Most of this is age related I believe, but he pretends to not hear you most of the time. Not good when you’re trying to keep him from getting hurt or something.
* Tantrums/frustrations are becoming more frequent. Again, more of an age thing and we’re working through it. Most of the time it’s food-related which is connected to his time in the orphanage.

New this month:
* Family bbq for Mother’s Day with my side of the family. He had so much fun playing with all his cousins, and most of my family was able to meet him for the first time.
* Celebrated his first holiday – Easter. Wasn’t sure what to think of the silly egg hunting tradition, but did enjoy the candy he found inside.
* His first play in a mud puddle, first bonfire (with s’mores!), first school activities (band concert, Kindergarten graduation), etc…. So many firsts!

All-in-all he’s continuing to do so well. He amazes me with his smarts & his personality. He is the most loving little boy, but he is ALL BOY! This boy wakes up running & doesn’t stop until he goes to bed. Always playing, running, giggling, etc. He definitely wears me out but oh how I love this boy!


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  1. Glad to hear all is going to well. He's such a handsome fella!