{Meet Our Family}

Dan & I were married in October 1995. We were young...and in love...and we still are. My husband is my best friend. He helps me keep my sanity (and let's be honest...he sometimes makes me lose my sanity :) ). He calms me down when I get all riled up. He is my rock!
My children...in order of appearance :)
Amanda - My social butterfly. Always on the go. Always hanging with her friends. The complete opposite of me in so many ways, but my twin in others. Artistic. Lover of hard rock & rap. Loves to flirt & laugh. A strong, confident girl who's not afraid to take on the world.
Emilee - The best friend you could ever have. Lover of One Direction & Justin Bieber. Boundary pusher. (I'll say it again...BOUNDARY PUSHER!) Loves to help. A little sassy. Beautiful inside & out.
Kalia - My baby girl. Adopted from Hunan, China in 2009. Funny. Tantrum-thrower. Can go from funny to tantrum-thrower in .5 seconds! Still working on catching up developmentally.  Super flexible. Another boundary pusher.  Has taught me how to truly love someone through the pain.

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