May 13, 2014

{Mother’s Day}

Being a mother is the hardest job I’ve ever had….and my greatest joy!


I am so very blessed to be a mother to 4 beautiful children. Children who can drive me absolutely crazy…then 2 minutes later have me cracking up or amazed by them.

These kids have taught me so much about unconditional love…patience (which I still fail miserably at)…perseverance…

Two of them have experienced more in their lifetime than anyone should have to experience…and still they smile & laugh & keep me on my toes.

Two of them teach me daily about trust and letting go as they spread their wings & prepare to fly away from the cozy little nest I’ve made for them.

All of them love me despite my shortcomings…despite the fact that I screw up on a daily basis…

and for that…I am blessed!


One of the requirements for Mother’s Day is pictures. That’s all I ask for. No gifts are necessary. Just an acknowledgement that it’s Mother’s Day and some pictures of me with my loves.

So they humor me :)

IMG_0294_2  IMG_0281IMG_0296

This year they blessed me not only with their presence and pictures, but also with a homemade dinner of fajitas & margaritas, a shopping trip and some candy. It was a beautiful day!

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