March 19, 2014

{Free Day}

The weather forecast called for rain so we didn’t plan to get out much. We headed down to breakfast, then noticed it wasn’t raining yet so decided to risk a walk to the pedestrian street. I wanted to check out the bookstore (hoping to find some English/Chinese children’s books, but no such luck) and possibly find him some shoes (no luck there either as I was not going to pay $30-$50 US for a pair of shoes!!!)

IMG_1093 IMG_1100IMG_1101

Since it was still early (it was around 8:30, but Chinese stores don’t open til 9 or so) we checked out a grocery type store that was pretty cool. 3 stories of all kinds of things, the unusual, delicacy type things and more normal things such as dried mango – they gave us samples and it was DELICIOUS! – honey, nuts, etc. It was a really neat store. On the top level they had a restaurant where you could order whole goose. Caiden has developed a love of the escalators!


We spent the rest of the afternoon in the room. It did start lightly raining and we were still tired so it worked for us.

IMG_1107 IMG_1105

Dan broke out the chicken feet & squid. He said they weren’t bad – I took his word for it as I wasn’t about to try for myself.

It let up long enough for Dan to run to Pizza Hut for some dinner. Tried to get Caiden to eat a hamburger but he wanted nothing to do with it. Right now he’s existing on potatoes, rice & noodles :(

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