March 20, 2014

{More Shanghai Fun}


The temps have really dropped. Highs in the low 50’s but it feels colder since it’s really cloudy.

IMG_3426 IMG_3428

But we really wanted to get out of the hotel. So we bundled up & headed to the little park across the street. We weren’t out long because it was pretty cold. We all had long sleeves & hoodies on, but it wasn’t enough. So unfortunately it was back to the hotel for us.

Some scenes from the other side of the hotel:

IMG_3433 IMG_3441

IMG_3434 IMG_3440

After naps we tried again to get out. It was still very cool but we managed. This time we put the coat the orphanage gave us on Caiden. At least someone was warm :)

As for bonding/attachment he’s doing pretty good. Good eye contact, lets us hold/care for him. More a mommas boy right now but I’m sure that will change. He will not go to anyone but Dan & I, will not talk to anyone, always looks for whichever of us is not in eye sight.

IMG_3416 IMG_1127

He opens up a little bit more every single day. Yesterday was a big day for him in regards to feeling more comfortable with us. Dan had him giggling up a storm over his pants, playing with the flashlight, throwing the ball, etc. He giggles & shrieks with delight. He’s loud :), but I love seeing him open up with us. He talks up a storm when it’s just us in the room…wish we knew what he was saying.

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