March 21, 2014

{Goodbye Shanghai – Hello Guangzhou}

Our last day in Shanghai.

We are so ready to head to Guangzhou. So excited to meet new friends & see some new surroundings. We really enjoy Guangzhou…so much to see & do.

IMG_1135 IMG_1136

Breakfast, an early nap, then checking out & meeting the guide in the lobby to head to the notary to pick up Caiden’s paperwork. Then off to the airport for Caiden’s first flight.

Our guide, Alex, was fantastic. We really enjoyed talking with him & learning more about China & his family.

We checked out around 1:00, headed to the notary to pick up some papers & then to the airport. Poor Caiden got car sick on the way, so we had to clean him up once we got through security. Security was really easy as they let us go through a priority line because we had a child. We found our gate & had about 1.5 hours before we were to leave. We found a KFC & got Caiden some mashed potatoes as I wasn’t 100% sure they would provide a meal on the short flight (They did…but it was gross. Glad I had eaten some mashed potatoes too!)

IMG_1149 IMG_1152


Soon we boarded the bus to take us to our plane….all the way across the tarmac! Most of the departures in China are not in the terminal, you have to take a bus & board on the tarmac. I was wondering if we were going to drive to Guangzhou…it took forever to get to the plane! The flight was decent though and Caiden was well behaved. No crying or whining, but keeping him contained on the long flight is going to be “fun” :)

IMG_3465 IMG_3468


We landed, collected our bags, met our new guide (Connie) and was all checked in to the Garden Hotel by 9:30 (which is BEAUTIFUL! It has an awesome soaking tub and a separate shower with a rain shower faucet. YES!!). The plane food was awful & I was hungry, so I got Caiden ready for bed while Dan went in search of ramen for me. Then it was off to bed…medical appt. at 10 tomorrow.

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