March 22, 2014

{Medical Exam}

I knew Caiden would need a TB test, and knew they’d take him from us to draw the blood. I was prepared for that. What I wasn’t prepared for was the extra blood they’d need for extra testing (related to his special need) and how hard it would be for them to get enough. Apparently sweet boy has very small veins and, when he tenses up, it makes it really, really hard for them to get a needle in.

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They took him in and we literally listened to him screaming for 15-20 minutes. The started out taking one child per room, but because he was taking so long they ended up letting others in with him. Pure torture watching them open the door expecting them to be letting him come back to me and each time it was someone else’s child. Our guide, Connie, was in there with him for awhile, then came out to let us know they were having trouble getting blood. They say it was because he was too fat, but I’m pretty sure they just had no idea what they were doing! (or so it felt at the time). I was so mad, at one point I wouldn’t even look at Connie when she was explaining. I just glared & threatened to break down the door. I was in tears before all was said & done, and madder than a hornet!

IMG_3496 IMG_3498
(I think they did feel bad for hurting him)

Luckily once it was all over Caiden was back to his happy self within 5-10 minutes. He was over it well before I was!

The only other surprise was some medical reports they wanted that we didn’t have. Connie called the orphanage, who called the hospital, and had them faxed to the medical center. Once they have them we should be good. But I’ll be a nervous wreck until we have the all clear!

After all that we went back to the hotel, laid Caiden down for a nap, and I met with Connie & the only other CAWLI family (Theresa & Eric) to do paperwork for the consulate appt.

For dinner, we got together with some new friends…Melanie, Lacy & her husband, Theresa & Eric & had dinner at the Irish Pub. It was quite the adventure getting there as no one could remember where it was (Melanie had been there las tyear when she adopted her girl). But we finally found it (after walking in a complete circle a couple blocks around the hotel) and it was well worth the wait! Delicious & HUGE portions! I got a hamburger and Dan had a Reuben sandwich. We ordered Caiden some spaghetti thinking it was noodles so he might like it, but no :(  He’s so picky! I couldn’t even finish my burger…it was HUGE. It was more than we’d normally pay for a meal in China, but well worth the splurge.

Tomorrow….shopping with Anne & more new friends!

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