March 18, 2014

{He’s Ours…FOREVER}

Poor baby awoke crying…probably confused as to where he was.

We took him down to get breakfast and he was happy to follow me around filling up plates, but once back at the table he refused to sit in his own chair. he had some congee and a couple bites of noodles, and some diluted orange juice.

Once back in the room we prepared to head out to finalize the adoption. They asked us a few questions (why do we wish to adopt, plans for his future education & health care, etc.), stamped his thumb, took a family picture for the adoption certificate…and we were done. The we headed to the notary to file more paperwork. Everything will be ready to pick up on the way to the airport.

I realized the orphanage did not bring back the thumb drive & disposable cameras I had sent in his care package so I asked our guide to check on that for us. The responded back with there was nothing in the package, then proceeded to tell us everything that was in there (24 pieces gummy candy, photo album, clothes (which they also didn’t give back but I didn’t care about those) and a letter. Now I KNOW the camera & flash drive were in that package…and I’m so bummed not to have gotten them back filled with pictures of his time in the orphanage & his friends. That really was the whole reason for sending the package (that & getting our pics to him). I plan to email the director & ask them to email the pics to me. Hoping she responds & follows through.

IMG_1087 IMG_1088

IMG_1090 IMG_1089

We finally got to check out an actual Chinese grocery store and see all the different foods. We were able to get Amanda some chicken feet & dried squid (she requested some authentic Chinese snacks – such a strange child).


We had some interesting conversations with our guide while driving from place to place today. We learned he & his wife love to camp, his wife does not cook so they eat out every day, they split weekend meals between his family & hers. We mentioned that we’ve seen a lot of the guys carrying the girls’ purses, and he said he does not do that & those guys must be a little “weird” :)

Caiden finally grieved a bit today…a couple times. It sounds weird but we were so happy to see it happen, even though it was heartbreaking to watch. The first time we thought it was because we were trying to put him in the stroller but it turned into full on grieving. He would let me hold him but it took awhile to calm him down. The second time Dan was playing with him & all of a sudden he just freaked out. Let me hold him, but didn’t want Dan anywhere near him. So very hard to watch him go through that but so very necessary so he can move forward. Hoping for a better day tomorrow and the days to come.

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