August 20, 2013

{The Same…yet Different}

Tonight is the same as any other night…and yet it’s different.

We ate our dinner…

took a bath…

IMG_2454 IMG_2457


played on the iPhone…

IMG_2462 IMG_2464

read a book…

and had love & giggles in bed.


The same thing we do pretty much every night.


And yet, tonight is different.

It’s the last night before my baby girl enters the big world of academics. Everything seems a little different once they hit Kindergarten. I know they grow up so fast, but once they hit school everything changes.

I have high expectations for my little one this year. She has made tremendous growth in the past year or so. She is still delayed, but has done amazingly well playing catch up…especially in the gross motor category. I can not believe how far she has come!

I can not wait to see what she accomplishes this year with the support of her team of therapists and special education teacher. Her Kindergarten teacher is amazing and is so excited to have her in her class!

What an amazing year this is going to be. And while I’m sad in a way, I’m so excited to see what the year has in store for us.

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