August 19, 2013

{A Little Secret}

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret.

I am a control freak!

Yep, that’s right…I try to control everything. And when things start to spiral out of my control, I panic. And that panic manifests itself in many ways. I withdraw. Or become overly grouchy. Or become obsessive about controlling something I CAN control.

And anyone who has adopted knows that much of the adoption process (& LIFE) is out of our control.

I struggle to remember that I’m not in this alone. That I ALWAYS have someone beside me that knows the process and who IS in control.


He knows my struggles. He knows my fears. And He ALWAYS has them under control.

I have to learn to step back & know that He has my best interests at heart. And just because our truck needs fixed (AGAIN!), and we have to file an addendum to our homestudy with USCIS (MORE $$$) and we accepted a referral much sooner than I expected to - and therefore have to come up with money much sooner than I had planned, and our fundraisers have all tanked…’s going to be alright! Because just because I can’t see the big picture, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. He’s got this!!! Let Go & Let God!

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