August 21, 2013

{First Day of School}

Wow! Once again summer just flew by!

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again.

And I really can’t believe I have a junior, freshman & kindergartner!

I think everyone had a great first day…even the “baby”.

Amanda & Emilee took the obligatory First Day of School pictures, then jumped in the car & headed off to school.

IMG_2471_2 IMG_2473_2

Kalia was a bit confused, which I think some of that was my fault.

IMG_2476velvia woodstock


We took her to open house on Monday and told her not to be worried or nervous as she didn’t have to stay. So when we walked in Wednesday she was under the impression that she would be leaving with us. She walked right into the building, showed us where her room was, stood by the door for pictures, walked in the room, put her stuff away & found her desk.

IMG_2481_2 IMG_2482_2

All was well…until we told her to have a good day & started to walk out :)

Cue the tears!

Luckily her teacher said they didn’t last long (10 minutes or so) and the rest of the day went fantastic. She listened, stayed in her seat, moved from activity to activity with no problem, and LOVED recess (well, duh?!). She was all smiles when we picked her up….wish I had gotten a picture.

We came home, had cookies for snack, signed a million & one papers for the big girls, and chilled for the night. They were all pooped.

It’s going to be a good year!

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