August 29, 2013

August Recap

A phone dump reveals a look back at August:

Kalia got a new hat from She has many different designs on her website and is wonderful to work with. We love it (so much so that we went back & ordered a sock monkey hat for Caiden!)

IMG_0339 IMG_0340
Amanda was putting makeup on Emilee and Kalia decided she needed some to. So she helped herself.
(I think she needs a bit more practice :) )


IMG_0342Even though it’s the middle of August she thinks it’s time to break out the fall clothes.
And she’s learned to wink!


Hubby tore his calf muscle so the girls got stuck mowing the grass. She looks mad here, but she actually enjoyed mowing (though she did say she didn’t want to do it again anytime soon :) )


IMG_0354 IMG_0360
Isn’t she pretty?

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