August 28, 2013

{We need your help}

Hi all!

I’ve been stalking the FB groups and watching the stats of those getting their LOAs recently. They’re coming in record times folks! Looks like most are coming within 4-5 weeks! I800 approval is only running 2-3 weeks! A short while back we were hoping & praying for travel in December, thinking it was a long shot. Now it’s looking like we may even travel in November or EARLY December!

While we are super excited to be bringing our son home, we never expected things to be moving this fast. We were originally told to expect a referral 3-6 months after LID. We were matched in 2 days! We expected travel to be spring of 2014. Now we’re looking at late November/early December.

We’re still short all the funds we need for this last part. We have a couple things planned to raise these remaining funds, some of which are new fees we were not expecting (higher travel expenses, higher in-China fees, additional fees on the China end & on the US immigration end, etc.)

First up we’re planning on online Auction via FB for the end of September (hoping to have everything ready to go by September 21).

In order for this auction to be successful we need your help.

If you have ANYTHING you could donate, please let me know. So far we have a Thirty-One bag, a couple crochet hats, Celebrating Home bean pot, handmade apron, Pampered Chef slicer, a custom made invitation or announcement, custom line art drawing (made from your picture), a vinyl wall cling, custom China print, an afghan, a porcelain doll and a few other things. We would appreciate anything you could think of (t-shirts, jewelry, Mary Kay, Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, tutus, handmade items, gift cards…ANYTHING).

We will also have another raffle going on at probably the same time. Not sure what to raffle off…a Kitchenaid mixer maybe? Or iPad mini? $200 MasterCard gift card? Other ideas?

Thank you to all who have donated thus far, and thank you in advance to all who plan to. You have no idea how much we appreciate every one of you.

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