June 14, 2013

(Arizona 2013 – Grand Canyon}

This is what we were all waiting for.

I told Dan I refused to go to Arizona again & not see the Grand Canyon. I’ve been 3 times…and have yet to make the 3 hour drive to see one of the world’s natural wonders. Wasn’t happening this time :)


And it did NOT disappoint. The weather was gorgeous…partly cloudy and highs in the low 70’s. A little chilly once we actually got to the Canyon, as there was a cool breeze. But beautiful none-the-less.


I’ll warn you… there are a million & one pictures in this post. And I’m going to let them speak for themselves.

It was simply AMAZING!!!!

It was so cool to watch the scenery change from the valley to the mountains then to the Canyon.

IMG_2226_2 IMG_2229_2 IMG_2230_sunnystarstruck

IMG_2237_2 IMG_2241_2

IMG_2245_2 IMG_2246_2

IMG_2247  IMG_2252_sunnypop
(Emilee was fearless…and gave me a few heart attacks. I had to beg her to scoot back a bit!) 

IMG_2254_2 IMG_2260_sunnypop

IMG_2264 IMG_2265_3
(Amanda was not….this was as close as she would get)

IMG_2310_sunnypop IMG_2302_2
Emilee, Dan & I hiked down into the Canyon a ways…
then they climbed up onto this rock & looked out over the Canyon)

We even saw some wildlife…

IMG_2269_2 IMG_2259_2 IMG_2333

At the end of our self-tour we stopped at this little tower and had some lunch. This is some of the Indian artwork in the tower.

IMG_2316 IMG_2327

IMG_2331 IMG_2332

A funny…well, funny now…NOT so funny then. As we were eating lunch, Amanda needed to go back to the car for a bit. She took the keys from Dan, got her stuff, then came back & laid the keys on the table. Dan & Kalia were finishing up eating when the rest of us decided to browse the stores a bit. I reminded Dan the keys were there & not to forget them. We finished our shopping & started to walk back to the car. Dan reached in his pocket & guess what? Yep…no keys! We looked everywhere! I was really starting to panic as it was a rental car & they put both keys on one ring (don’t get me started…stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!!) I had no idea what we were going to do. We asked people, dug through trash, searched every lost & found…still no keys! Dan decided to check the trash one more time…a little more thoroughly…and finally found them. Thank God! Just another minor heart attack…between Emilee & Dan not sure how I stayed out of the ER :)

The drive back was beautiful. The skies were gorgeous and I was able to catch the sunset.

IMG_2337_2 IMG_2340

IMG_2341 IMG_2343

It was an absolutely glorious day!

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