June 13, 2013

{Arizona 2013 – Days 3 & 4}

Sunday we loaded up the car & headed back to Dan’s uncle’s house, where we had a small family get-together.

It was so nice seeing people I haven’t seen for 8 years or so. We chatted & had a great time, like we’d just seen each other last week.

Kalia & Emilee enjoyed the pool…Kalia even let go of Dan long enough to “swim” with a new friend.

IMG_2178 IMG_2183

IMG_2185 IMG_2192


Monday we finally got to see Chase Field, where the Diamondbacks play. Dan has been a few times, but the rest of us never have.

I’m so glad I bought Kalia a seat…she fell asleep shortly after the game started.


IMG_2201_velvetcream IMG_2207_velvetcream

IMG_2208_velvetcream IMG_2212_velvet cream

It was a good game…and it was nice to have the air conditioning. I’ve never been to an enclosed stadium…a whole different experience.

After the game we went back & celebrated Danielle’s birthday with a small group of friends. Yummy dinner & cake.

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