June 12, 2013

{Arizona 2013 – Let the fun begin}

No big plans for the day. We were all still pretty pooped from traveling.

We headed to the grocery store to stock the cabinets with some breakfast & lunch foods, then headed to the outlet malls to shop a bit. The weather is beautiful for summer time in AZ. It was in the low to mid 90’s, which feels like low to mid 80’s back home…and NO humidity which we all love.

We enjoyed just driving around & seeing how things have changed since we were last here. It’s been 8 years or so and the changes were DRASTIC! They are building at the speed of light out there, though his aunt tells us they really slowed down when the economy took the downfall. But to us it seems like the speed of light. When we were last out there, his mom was pretty much in the middle of the desert, with not much around for a few miles. Now there are stores, houses, businesses EVERYWHERE!

We did take a walk later that evening & took Kalia to the little neighborhood park. It was a good way to let her burn off some energy for a bit before we headed out to dinner.

For dinner we went to Uptown Alley, which is similar to a very small Dave & Busters. There weren’t many games for Kalia’s age, but Amanda & Emilee enjoyed a few, and then headed off to play laser tag.


IMG_2131 IMG_2132

Kalia did enjoy this game, which was one of those interactive ones where the seat tilted & vibrated. She laughed the whole time.



The next morning we headed to the waterpark, which was a blast, but the water was COLD! Kalia loved riding some of the bigger slides and the girls pretty much left us to enjoy themselves without a 5 year old tagging along.

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