June 15, 2013

{Arizona 2013 – Our Last Day}

Our time had finally come to an end. Soon we’d be heading home.

But before we did, we had an urge to climb a “mountain”. (Tell me, why did we have an urge to climb a mountain in high-90 degree heat???)

Really it was about a 600 foot hill…but they claim it to be a mountain :)


And we all climbed it…even Kalia, who made it about 90% of the way up before asking to be held. I thought that was pretty amazing for a 5 year old with physical disabilities that cause her to tire faster than most. I was very proud of her.

IMG_2347_velvet cream IMG_2353

IMG_2351 IMG_2355

Views from the top:

IMG_2357_sunnypop IMG_2358_2

IMG_2366_2 IMG_2360_3
(The arrow indicates our car)

After our hike, we stopped at In N’ Out Burger. They don’t have these here at home so I was excited that they made their way out of CA & into AZ. They were really pretty good.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing & getting ready for Emilee, Kalia & I to head back home (Dan & Amanda were leaving Friday morning & driving home).

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