May 17, 2013

{Something to Smile About}

A poem….written by my oldest. Thought it was really good and that I’d share with all five of you.

Who would have thought
We’d be more than friends?
The special secrets we share
and talks that never end.

All the fun moments made in just one day
show the sun shining through in the greatest of ways.
With so many laughs and comebacks created
I know with these times we’ll surely make it.

This isn’t a joke or some silly lie
I’d never do anything to make him cry.
No broken bits or hurting hearts
knowing we could never be torn apart.

Soft and warm and sealed with care,
and all the hugs that I can bear.
While I sleep my mind goes blank
I’ll think of you when I awake.

We’ll be together
until forever dies.
For I am yours,
and you are mine.

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