May 12, 2013

{It was a beautiful, sunny day}

And we took full advantage of it!

Here lately it’s been, have a beautiful day, then rain for a week. So, when you get a nice day, you don’t mess around. You spend as much of your time out in it as you can.

And that’s just what we did.

Emilee has been LOVING getting back into softball. And her dad is loving every second of practicing with her again.

IMG_1952_fadedaydream IMG_1949_fadedaydream IMG_1953_fadedaydream


Kalia is enjoying her swingset. I think she spends a good hour or so a day just playing on it. We come home from school and she asks to play before she even eats her dinner. I’m so glad she loves it!


IMG_1943_fadedaydream IMG_1942_fadedaydream IMG_1937_fadedaydream

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