May 11, 2013

{Preschool Graduation…take 1}


Let me start off by saying I can not believe she’s graduating from preschool!

Doesn’t seem possible that my baby will be starting kindergarten next year. I mean, she’s only 2, right?!

Wednesday night (May 8) was her graduation from preschool. (She had another one from her special education preschool Thursday…which I’ll blog about in a separate post). She did really well, considering it’s Kalia and she has a huge inability to sit still for more than 5 minutes.


She came in…the only one who refused to wear her hat :)…. walked right to her chair, and sat. About halfway through she decided she was tired of sitting and walked over to her teacher & sat on her lap :) Then, after conning her teacher out of a cookie (which no, I don’t think she should have given her one…the other kids had to wait & she should have as well, but what could I do from the audience???), she went back to sit in her seat.


About 5 minutes or so later she once again got up, walked into the audience, found us, gave us a hug, then went back & sat down. She did participate some while she was sitting with her class. She signed some of the ABC song and danced the penguin song.


She just really can’t sit still (seriously… it’s not that she won’t, she physically can’t). So, all-in-all, I think she did really, really well.


Can’t believe next year we’ll be dropping  her off in big school and she’ll be walking home with her sisters!

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  1. What a big girl! Congratulations to Kalia!