May 18, 2013


One more…

The heat in the air and the beat in my ear,
I sit and watch as the cars drive near.

In the grass I sit and look at the clear blue sky
the crickets chirping and the ladybugs fly.

It’s a time of fun,
in a day that lasts forever.

A joy of recklessness and freedom blows in the breeze,
the kids and adults enjoy with such ease.

Flip flops, shorts and swimsuits galore,
all ready for vacations to the shore.

Parks are full of children at play,
hoping to come just one more day.

Now the sun is sinking low,
The whole sky starts to glow.

Reds, oranges and pinks all over,
everyone hates that it’s almost over.

The moon is out,
and sad little kids start to pout.

The stars shine in a summer’s night,
as it’s time to say goodnight.

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