April 06, 2013

{Don't Forget...}

Hi all!

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder that our Kindle Fire HD Fundraiser is still going on. 

Unfortunately we haven't had a ton of response right yet (it's still early and we're trying not to worry too much about it...all in His timing, right?!), which may actually work out in your favor. Your chances are pretty good right now.

Anywho...if you haven't contributed and would like to help us out, we'd love if you'd purchase a raffle ticket. 

Tickets are only $15 and, if you win, that's a pretty sweet price
 for a brand new Kindle Fire HD!

To enter: Check out the original post HERE.

And please, please, please (yep...a little bit of shameless begging going on right here!)...if you have a blog, please share this post. And by all means...if you have a FaceBook account...share there too! We just need to get the word out. (And don't forget...if you share and purchase a ticket, you get an extra FREE entry!)

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