April 21, 2013

{Weekend Recap}

Friday night Dan & I were able to get away for a bit and have a dinner date. It was a nice 2 hours just to ourselves. We even both indulged ourselves with an adult beverage. I haven’t had a good glass of wine in a long time and it was SOOOOO good!

Saturday we headed to town in search of good topsoil to put in our garden. We’re attempting the whole gardening thing this year…wish us luck as we’ve never done this before. Once everything’s in I’ll do a whole post on it, but for now here’s some pictures of Kalia helping.




She LOVED playing in the dirt.

We’re hoping to get a load of dirt this week to mix with the good topsoil, and weather permitting, will plant the garden in a couple weeks when Dan’s off again. It’s been dipping down pretty cool at night yet so we’re pushing planting off a bit.

Sunday we headed to the ball fields for the first softball practice of the season. No pictures, but I’m so happy to be watching Emilee play again. She quit playing right after we brought Kalia home and I’ve missed watching her. I’m so glad she’s decided to not only play summer ball, but try out for the fall team as well. She did great today for not playing in 3 years. She was a bit nervous since pretty much everyone else on her team has been playing continuously, but I think she held her own. I’ll try to get some pics next weekend.

Now we’re all pooped and ready for bed. I’m loving spring and beautiful weather and all the activities that come with it.


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  1. I would also like to try a small garden! Can't wait to see how yours goes :)