April 02, 2013

{Easter Fun}

Matthew 28:6 - “He is not here: for he is risen, just as he said”

We had a wonderful Easter celebration.

It started on Saturday where we went to a fun Easter egg hunt at the Capitol. Unfortunately the weather threatened to not cooperate so the event was moved inside but it was still fun. Hundreds of eggs were strewn across the capitol’s floors, filled with candy & just waiting for little hands to pick them up & toss them in their baskets. There were crafts, books donated by Scholastic, a fun magic show and even live bunnies for the kids to pet. And of course the Easter Bunny(ies???) made an appearance as well.

(Kalia wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the bunny)


easter composite


After running a few errands (grocery shopping…yuck!) and stopping to get some lunch, we headed home & got ready to dye some eggs.

Kalia enjoyed dyeing eggs this year. There’s just something about playing with water that gets her every time :)

easter composite2


On Sunday we woke ready to enjoy a stress free, family-filled holiday. We were heading down to celebrate with Dan’s family…something we haven’t done in a few years.

Before leaving we did our own Easter egg hunt, but Kalia wasn’t really in the mood to find eggs. Even after showing her they were filled with candy she wasn’t overly interested. She found them all…just to humor me, I think…but I had to constantly keep on her to focus & find the eggs. The weather was beautiful and I think she just wanted to run & play. As usual, we hid the bigger girls’ eggs in some interesting places (buried in the sand, inside the truck, in trees, etc). I think Amanda found all hers, but Emilee still has one out there somewhere :)



(You can’t see her, but Emilee is actually inside the truck collecting one of her eggs!)


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  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog! You have a beautiful family and it is exciting that you are in the adoption process again. I am excited to follow your journey.

    It looks like we got started a couple months before you, but our HS is proving to be a long wait. I guess we should get used to that feeling, huh?

    Best of luck with everything!