January 24, 2013

{Jumpin’ on the Crazy Train}

I’m sure you guessed from the last few posts (not to mention the link to Amazon on the sidebar), but we’re jumping back on the crazy train again. This time for a little boy!

And I’m super excited!

Since April 2009, when Kalia was first placed in my arms, I knew that I would LOVE to be blessed by adoption a 2nd time.

Lack of funds, some reluctancy by hubby, and extra time needed to get Kalia settled & a plan in place with all her delays pushed us back a bit. Kalia is ready…hubby is ready…the funds we’re still working on :)

Because like most everyone out there, we don’t have thousands of dollars sitting in our bank account. (That’s not to say we don’t have the money to care for our son once he’s home. There’s a big difference between spending an extra $100+ per month for care and spending $30k+ over 10-12 months!)

So we’re going to have to get creative and come up with some fabulous ideas to raise some funds.

Now, I don’t expect & absolutely will not ask anyone to give money to me. But I will try to come up with ingenious ideas & some wonderful items that might be of some use to you all.

We have some really cool ideas, but would love to hear some of yours. Anything I can make & sell to raise some $? I work in graphic design so could use that to my advantage. Sewing is out of the question unless I can con my momma into helping :) Need unique ideas that have not been beaten to death yet. So go ahead…shout ‘em out!

And stay tuned to hear what we’ve got up our sleeves.


(Oh…and feel free to use that link on the sidebar. We’d love whatever support you can give. There’s no additional cost to you, but by using the link we get a percentage of your transaction {but ONLY if you click through the link.} So, go ahead…shop to your heart’s content! And feel good knowing your helping bring home our son while you’re at it!)

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  1. YAY!!!
    So excited for you:0)
    Can't wait to watch this journey unfold.