January 24, 2013

Who doesn’t like to shop?

Anyone? No? I didn’t think so…
And who doesn’t like Amazon? What’s not to like, really? Everything you could think of right at your fingertips…and for the same price you’d pay if you’d have to get dressed, load up the kids, brave the weather and get it yourself!
If you’re like me you’re always shopping for something. It’s a constant around here. Always needing something…
Remember on this post where I said we had some ideas of how you all could help us bring our son home? Well this is where YOU can help us in this grand adventure.
We have a couple things in the works. I’ll highlight just a couple of them here today.
First, you can head HERE (and you have to click here for it to count) and pick out some stuff that you need. Or want. Birthday gifts, Valentine gifts, just because you’re bored gifts :)  For your kids and your sisters. For your sisters' kids. Or maybe for your neighbors. We'd be so incredibly grateful.
Just remember: You have to click through the link above in order for it to help us. This link will not provide you with a discount. Rather, it will track sales that can be credited to the Silvers Family Fundraising efforts. You can also click the button below (and on the sidebar) and it will take you directly to Amazon’s homepage.
Are you ready? Good…now go SHOP!

Second. you can feel free to help us spread the word about our efforts by sending this link to folks whom you think might love adoption and want to help.

Please…feel free to share. With anyone. We’re not picky :) Share on your blog. Share on  Facebook. Share with your coworker…your friends…your neighbors. Sharing is caring, right?! The sky is the limit. The world is your oyster. (Just click on the button you'd like to share & then copy the link. For Facebook: Paste that link in your status update. For blogs: use the text under the link from the sidebar. The first button links back to this post, the 2nd links directly to Amazon.)

Finally, you can pray. Pray, pray, pray. We are praying for financial provision (through this and the other jobs/efforts we are taking on). We know He is in control. Of this adoption. Of our future. And we are trusting Him for it. For all of it.
Thank you so much, in advance, for the prayer and the support. We are truly blessed.

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