January 15, 2013

{I have a dream}

One of the radio stations I listen to is doing a promotion type thing for MLK day…where you submit your dreams & they help make them happen. Some examples: One person had a dream of becoming a mother and they paid for IVF treatments. One person had a dream of meeting her daughter that she’d given up for adoption and they helped make that happen. One person wanted to go on an archeological dig.


Well, I’m not submitting an entry but did want to share my dream.


Ever since Kalia was placed in my arms in April 2009 I knew that would not be the last time I was blessed by adoption…at least if it were up to me. It’s taken this long to get the ball rolling again…finances, reluctant hubby, trying to make sure Kalia’s delays were being handled in the best way & she felt secure with us, etc. Now that all that is pretty much taken care of (except the finances part…still working on that :) ) it is my DREAM to go back to China & add a little boy to our family. I just still feel like there’s one more out there waiting for me.

I can’t wait to see if God recognizes my dream and leads me to act on it. As much as I love being blessed by adoption, there’s always a part of me that’s a little scared to take that first leap. I mean, it’s expensive! And it’s a huge change! But oh the rewards of following His plan!


Stay tuned…

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  1. What a wonderful dream, hope it all comes true!