January 08, 2013

Good Quality Sisterly Bonding

One of my goals for 2013 is to blog more.

It may not be all that exciting to all of you, but it’s important to me to have a record of daily life. Things I don’t want to forget (and my memory is TERRIBLE so I have to write it down).

I may not always have wonderful pictures to back it up, but I want the words there.


With that said, yesterday was one of those moments I want to remember.

Emilee got Just Dance 4 for Christmas…and Amanda recently got moved into her own room. Amanda & Em are pretty close and I love to watch that bond continue to form. Amanda is a busy 16 year old…working, extra-curricular activities, etc…and they just don’t get much time to really spend together like they used to. And I think they both miss it.

They spent a good 2 hours playing Just Dance last night. There was lots of laughing, whooping & hollering going on…and I loved it. Hated that I had to shut them down early so Kalia could get some sleep (she was in bed, but kept getting up & listening to them).

May they always remain this close.

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