October 04, 2012

{Funny Girl}

My youngest is funny.


And she knows it.

And she uses it to her advantage.

It gets her out of some really sticky situations…mostly because we can’t help but laugh, which usually means she doesn’t get in as much trouble.

Unfortunately she’s learning the hard way that it doesn’t ALWAYS work and she’s been spending some time in time out lately.


She has decided that pooping in her pants in preschool is a way she can control her surroundings. And no matter what we do she continues to poop in her pants at least once a week. It’s aggravating. We’ve tried punishments. We’ve tried praises. Neither works unless she wants it to work. She runs the show on this one, and she knows it. There’s really nothing we can do except make it not so fun for her. Unfortunately she knows there’s really only so much her teachers can do too.

With our permission (& insistence), her teacher is cracking down on her as much as she can. And she’s finding out that sitting in time out the entire time the rest of the kids play on the playground is no bueno!

She doesn’t do this when at home or anywhere with us. She doesn’t do it at the special needs preschool. But she’s decided to save it all up for her poor new teacher.

Hoping this is one thing that passes quickly!

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  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    sounds like there is something up with her and the teacher. young child can't explain whats happening to them so they act out. you should unexpected to schools and watch a little see whats going on there.