July 07, 2012

Taking on Chicago…Days 1 & 2

Finally! Vacation time…

This year we once again headed to Chicago. I’ve said many times how I would LOVE to live in/near this city. I really don’t know what it is, but I just LOVE it!

Day 1 (June 28) was mostly spent traveling. We headed out shortly after Dan got home from work…about 8. He drove for a couple hours then I took over & finished up. After stopping a couple times for rest breaks & lunch, we made it to our hotel right around 4. We got settled then headed to Subway for dinner.


Day 2 (June 29): Shedd Aquarium

Kalia had us up & at ‘em pretty early…around 6:30. Normal for her, but the older girls are used to sleeping in. I told them they better get used to it as she was not going to let them sleep in Smile.

After breakfast we loaded up the car & headed into the city. Didn’t my baby look gorgeous in her new outfit made by her Grandma? She was in a great mood…and smiling so pretty!

IMG_0770_caramel dreams

We were able to find street-side parking and saved some $ ($10 for 5 hours vs. $19 in the parking garage), then walked to the aquarium. Along the way we checked the scenery. Loved all these sailboats.



I meant to buy tickets ahead of time & save time in line, but I forgot. The line didn’t look too long, but ended up being close to an hour! The girls entertained themselves by looking out over the water & watching all the boats. Kalia loved giving raspberries while waiting.


One inside we checked out all the fish. Kalia’s always enjoyed watching fish swim. She loved pointing out the different colored fish. There was one especially bright orange one that she really liked.




We watched a 4-D Happy Feet movie which she thought was AWESOME!



Then went to watch the whale/dolphin show. By this time she was getting tired and there really wasn’t a lot of action that she could see. They had them do a few tricks in the middle of the pool, but let’s face it…this isn’t Sea World…just not really a big show. She did enjoy the big seal that they brought out to walk in front of the crowd.



Because we didn’t think Kalia was tired enough, we let her play in the penguin play area. She was supposed to dress up in a penguin costume & slide down the slides & climb the rocks, but we passed on the germ infested costumes Smile




After the aquarium we went to the Rain Forest Café to eat dinner. This was Emilee’s choice. They sat us in the back of the restaurant right in front of some animated tigers…which Kalia thought were pretty cool! We enjoyed a fairly decent, though WAY overpriced dinner. Of course we looked in the little store before leaving, where Kalia found this hat that she just HAD to have.

Seriously, she primped & smiled in front of that mirror for a good 5 minutes. I finally asked if she wanted that hat and she said yes…so I bought it. She wore it the rest of that night…and hasn’t worn it much since then. Grrrr…..

After a quick trip to Target for some necessities and a short swim, it was off to bed for us. We were pooped…but excited for the next day…Navy Pier!

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