June 27, 2012

{Pretty Girl}

collage 8x10 0624

I took these one night while she was laying on our bed watching Dora. She was imitating what they were doing on TV and for a bit was totally oblivious to what I was doing.

She’s been doing that more & more lately…imitating. No big deal, right? All kids do it. Well, yes…but Kalia has never really imitated before. I love watching her grow & develop and catch up to what other kids her age are doing. She now imitates just about anything. Just the other day I noticed her walking with her hands on her hips, with a bit of attitude. So cute!

Love to watch her dancing with the Wiggles or playing finger games with Barney (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Where is Thumbkin, etc…) Anything to see her closing the gap between where she is & where she should be developmentally.

Love my girl!

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