June 19, 2012

{Father’s Day}

Happy Father’s Day to the 3 bestest fathers out there…my biased opinion anyway Smile

On Saturday we headed to my mom & dad’s house to spend time with my daddy. We enjoyed swimming and hanging with the family…along with some yummy steaks for dinner. After that, we rushed back home to get ready for a little time alone as we headed to a comedy show. Not the best show I’ve been to, but since the tickets were free I guess I can’t complain!





For Dan this year, the girls & I decided on a little golf outing…with his 2 older daughters. Amanda finally got her chance to play some golf with her dad. She’s been wanting to do this since last summer and it just never worked out. She had a GREAT time and kept up quite nicely. Emilee couldn’t have cared less about golfing, but enjoyed watching the others and driving the golf cart! She also served as my photographer, since I kept Kalia home.


After golfing, Kalia & I met them in town for a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Yummy turkey burgers, hot wings, some sort of seafood dip/chips and shrimp was enjoyed by all.


Sadly we weren’t able to make it to Dan’s dad’s…we simply ran out of time. But that doesn’t mean he was forgotten. We called & chatted for a bit and made plans to get together soon.


I’m very blessed to have such wonderful fathers in my life…both for me & for my girls.

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