July 15, 2012

Chicago…Days 3 & 4

Day 3: Navy Pier
(Lots of pics today)

Saturday dawned bright & early…though not quite as early as Friday. We were able to get Kalia to sleep until 7:30…it was nice!

We got everyone up & dressed and headed into Chicago. Destination: Navy Pier!



We’ve been many times, but have never spent the whole day there just walking up & down. It was nice!

I come from a smallish town where parking is free…or extremely cheap! I’m not used to being charged $20 to park somewhere. Ouch! After I got past that we had a rather enjoyable day.

We started with riding some rides. The ferris wheel is extremely high, and none of us are big ferris wheel enjoyers, but we actually did enjoy this ride. Maybe because of the cool views, or maybe because it never stops, so you never get stuck at the top. I don’t know…but the views were AMAZING!





Kalia finally decided the carousel wasn’t too bad. She was still a little hesitant, but did have fun once it started.



This ride, however, she LOVED! I wasn’t sure how she’d do since she had to ride by herself, but after her initial hesitation, and the ride started, she giggled & smiled the entire ride!



It was H-O-T!!! We walked outside to the end of the pier, and came upon a nice splash park. Kalia instantly wanted to play. We hadn’t brought a swimsuit, but that didn’t stop us from letting her play. How could I deny her something like this? She LOVES playing in the water and she was so hot. So we let her play in her clothes! She instantly started playing with another little girl there and they played for 30 minutes or so.



Luckily we’d brought her an extra set of clothes so we changed her and headed to McD’s for an ice cream cone.



Once cooled down we continued our tour of the pier…inside this time. The a/c was nice! We loved looking at all the shops…even if we didn’t buy anything.

Back outside we walked to the other end to look out over the water. On the way, Amanda found a new friend.


Someone had lost their pet cockatiel. He must have been someone’s pet as you don’t see many cockatiel’s in the wild, and he wasn’t too afraid of her. He was however biting at her at bit. She became quite the celebrity walking the pier holding the bird. A couple people even wanted pictures! Smile

He eventually flew off and we continued our walk. The views at the end were well worth the hot walk! Beautiful!




After relaxing there for a bit we headed back, did a couple more rides and got ready to head back to our hotel.

Dinner that night was at Amanda’s choice…California Pizza Kitchen. A very good restaurant. Will have to try it again soon!

Swimming that night and a little TV before bed. A long, but fun day!

Day 4: Chilling & relaxing closer to the hotel

Today I wanted to do something a little closer to the hotel. Something to let everyone relax a little. Because when everyone’s worn out…vacation is no longer fun!

We found a Dave & Buster’s and let the kids have fun with that for a bit. There were a lot of really cool games, but I found the place to be a bit expensive. Games were costing a couple dollars a piece. They had fun and it gave us all something to do for a few hours.

Funny of the day: Dan was playing Pac Man and Kalia & I were watching. Kalia wanted to sit & “play” at the game next to his. I said go ahead and she proceeded to touch the screen & try to get it to work. I thought it was  hilarious that she assumes everything is a touch screen!

After that it was back to the hotel to chill for a bit. Tried to get Kalia to take a nap, but it wasn’t happening.

A trip to the mall completed our relaxing day.

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