May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day


I’ll be honest. Mother’s Day wasn’t the best this year.

I’ll explain…


First…I LOVE my kids and my husband. And I know they love me and, if not now, will appreciate everything I do for them (probably not until they have their own kids, and that’s fine…I was the same way…).

But it just was a little lacking this year.


Dan had to work so he wasn’t there to let me sleep in or make me breakfast or anything else that he (may have) done.



My girls are awesome, but we’re still working on them not being so self-centered and thinking about others & their feelings. I went in to take a nice long bath & relax that morning. When I finally came out and was halfway across the room, I heard one of my girls say “Oh, Happy Mother’s Day Mom”. With not a lot of feeling…no hug…I wasn’t even looking at them and was on the other side of the room. Just hit me wrong I guess.



Then, later after Dan woke up, I felt like my gift (which I already knew I was getting) was just kind of thrown at me.

Again, I know my girls love me. And I don’t need just one day for them to prove it. But I felt like they could have shown it a little better. I felt like they only said “happy Mother’s day” and gave me a gift because they “had” to…kind of like Hallm@rk said they had to so they did.

It did get better though and I was able to get some good shots with my girls.





I do love them so very much and am so proud to be their mother. This was just a(nother) learning experience. And I really, REALLY like the gift (mani/pedi’s for me & both older girls, then lunch out with the family). Can’t wait to find a time that works for all of us & get a little pampering done while spending time with the loves of my life!

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