May 07, 2012

{End of the (school) year}

It’s that time of the year. The time when I look at my calendar & can’t find one empty day.

This past week alone we had a drama club party/award BBQ and both 7th & 9th grade concerts.


First up…Drama Club:

Amanda has really enjoyed drama club the past couple years. She’s really grown in her acting abilities and has really come out of her shell. She played Little Red Riding Hood in 2 different plays in 8th grade and a smaller part in this year’s play, Willy Wonka.

Unfortunately they found out their drama club teacher will not be returning next year, and they’re all really upset. They really liked her. I’m hoping they are able to find another sponsor and are able to continue with drama next year.


The BBQ was a blast! The kids headed to the drama teacher’s house immediately after school. Once there they enjoyed a “snack” of tacos with all the goodies, lots of games & relay races…even a scavenger hunt. The parents were to begin arriving around 5:30 and we all had hamburgers/hot dogs, potato salad & baked beans. Awards were given out and then it was sundaes for all. We finally headed home about 8:30. So much fun!

Kalia was a little upset that she wasn’t able to get on the lake.



She ran with the big kids, trying her hardest to keep up!



Next….Band concerts:

Unfortunately I didn’t remember to bring my camera but I have to say I really enjoyed the band concert this year. It’s amazing to me how much better the 7th graders sound this spring. They’ve really come a long way. Amanda earned her letter for band, but unfortunately won’t be adding anything to it since she’s decided not to participate next year. I pushed hard for her, but ultimately it was her choice.

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