January 01, 2012

Memories, Dreams & Reflections


I stumbled across this challenge by reading this post and thought it’s something I might like to put together.

I’ve had fun going through my pictures from the past year and remembering all the fun we had.

If you’d like, feel free to click on the image above, get all the specifics & post to your blog your favorite memories, dreams & reflections. If you do play along, please leave a comment & let me know as I’d love to check out your favorites of 2011.


Here we go:

1. Me – There are not many pictures in my archives of me. I try to stay behind the camera. I do like this one taken just a few weeks ago of me with my youngest, Kalia.



2. I love you! – This definitely calls for a picture of my family…the loves of my life!


3. Still Laughing – My daughter seems to think she’s a dog. At least once a day this is where we find her…sitting or standing in the windowsill watching the cars drive by.



4. Winter Wonderland – We usually have snow in our neck of the woods in February…but we sure weren’t expecting 20+ inches!

blizzard 2011 collage


5. Birthday – My daughter & husband both celebrated milestone birthdays this year, 13 & 40.



6. Spring Fever -  helping fill Easter eggs



7. Travel or Vacation – Our family vacation was to Nashville. The girls especially loved the CMA Fest activities and seeing the “Stars”


8. Summer Days – One of our favorite things to do in the summer is visit a nearby lake & play in the water fountains.



9. A Day in my Life – rough-housing with daddy, her favorite activity



10. All Smiles – this picture just makes me smile every time I see it. Emilee was clearly not expecting the kiss from her older sister.



11. Autumn Harvest – Visits to the pumpkin patch

IMG_9891_caramel dream


12. Celebrate – Kalia turned 4 this year




13. Beautiful – My middle daughter has grown into such a beautiful young lady.

emilee 2011


14. Dress Up – For Halloween this year we had a Mexican, skeleton & ladybug

IMG_0013_ivory bleach


15. Holidays – Christmas was so much fun this year. It was the first year we got to celebrate at home…no traveling!




16. Favorite – There is no way I can pick just one favorite, but this is definitely one of many. Her smile just lights up my day!



  1. So glad you linked up - looks like you had a ton of moments worth capturing. I hope 2012 is even brighter for you.

  2. These are great! What a great year you had!
    Happy 2012!

  3. I can see the love you have for your family in every picture. It is very, very beautiful indeed. I hope this new year is filled with lots of love and joy.