January 04, 2012

31 Day of Nothing {Unhealthy} - Days 1-4

Well...4 days down.

For some (most?), the first week is the easiest. It's the time when they lose the most weight, have an easier time making wise food & exercise choices, etc..

For me...it's the hardest! I have a terrible time getting into a good habit of exercising regularly & sticking to my daily allottment of calories. If I can just get over that 1st week...and see some results...I'm usually good to go.

So, with that being said, here's how the first 4 days have gone.

Jan. 1 - Eating wise...not so good. Lots of leftover snacks & goodies from New Years Eve.
            Exercise wise...ok, I guess. Took 2 (20 minute) walks. Unfortunately that's about it :(

Jan. 2 - A little better at eating. Coffee & 2 very small pancakes with peanut butter for breakfast. Chicken noodle soup for lunch. Yummy salad for dinner. Probably a few (not-so-good-for-you) snacks thrown in there somewhere. Exercise - not good. It was way too cold to get outside and the gym was too far away. I did do a few situps & some exercises with free weights.

Jan. 3 - Much better! I'm back at work which really helps with my routine.
             Breakfast: 2 small pancakes with peanut butter (you'll see this a lot...it's my favorite breakfast) with coffee
             Lunch: apple with peanut butter (can you tell I like peanut butter? I buy the reduced fat kind...it's a good source of protein)
             Snack: apple
             Dinner: small slice of meatloaf, about 1/4 c. of rice
             unfortunately I couldn't resist a small piece of chocolate (and unfortunately not the dark kind). Maybe 1 oz.???? (no idea really)
             Exercise: walking (3.5 mph) - 20 minutes. Stairmaster - 35 minutes. Situps - 100
             And I managed to stay within my daily 1200 calories! (even after eating the chocolate!)

Jan. 4 - I'm getting better!
             Breakfast: 2 pancakes with peanut butter
             Lunch: homemade chicken noodle soup
             Dinner: 2 small tuna cakes, about 1/4 c. broccoli alfredo noodles, about 1/2 c. broccoli, bottle of Gold Peak unsweetened tea
             Exercise: walking (3.5 mph) - 15 minutes. Stairmaster - 35 minutes. Free weights - approx. 10 minutes. Situps - 100
             I did really good at drinking water today...approx. 80 oz. Exercise was good too, though I'd like to get a little more weights in there.

It's getting a little better every day. I need to find some good, healthy snacks to fill in between my meals. I bought some carrots today, so that's probably what I'll have tomorrow for snack...along with an apple. One day at a time, right?!


  1. Wow, you're doing AWESOME!!! I need to get some of your energy for my exercising!! GO GIRL!

  2. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Im a lurker from The adoption of kiera joys blog..I just wanted to let you know...your better off eating the Full fat peanut butter..because the reduced fat has WAY more sugar than the regular..to make up for the reduced fat. the fat in peanut butter is a healthy fat because it's from peanuts. Just wanted to share:) Good job on the eating healthy.:)