January 01, 2012

31 Days of Nothing {Unhealthy}

31 Days of Nothing %7BUnhealthy%7D

I’ve decided to join Christie’s challenge this month. It’s going to be HARD, people! But it’s time.

For about 6 years now (Yes, SIX) I’ve been trying to lose 20 – 30 lbs. and 2-3 dress sizes. I haven’t been able to do it. But 2012 is MY YEAR! And this challenge is going to help give me the motivation I need…and blogging about it will hold me accountable.

The goal, for me at least, is to form new, healthy habits…both eating & exercising…which I hope to continue long past January 31.


Here are some things I plan to do this month:

1. Avoid (ok…probably more like cut back on..) sugar & processed foods

2. Stick to my recommended calorie intake (I’ll just go ahead & say it…I’m trying to stick to around 1200/day)

3. Drink only water &/or tea. This is actually one of the easiest for me, as I rarely drink anything else.

4. Get my recommended amount of sleep each night (my body requires at least 9 hours to function well)


I’m going to try to blog a couple times per week with my success (or failure…NO…No failures…I WILL succeed!) I’m hoping posting regularly will keep myself accountable for my actions.

Please feel free to join in. Six years is way too long to be working towards a goal (well, that’s probably the problem…I haven’t really been working too hard at it or it wouldn’t have taken this long…but I digress).

2012 is MY YEAR!

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  1. I am in as well. We can support each other one baby step at a time.