December 01, 2011


I am so very blessed…way more than the 30 things I’m going to list here. This is just a minor glimpse into everything I’m thankful for on a daily basis….in no particular order.


  1. Thankful for my family….what can I say? They’re my everything.
  2. Thankful for my house…nothing fancy, but I love it.
  3. Thankful for my job…it makes me so mad sometimes, and some of the people I work with drive me crazy, but I’m so very thankful to have a job…and one that I like.
  4. Thankful for Fridays…love the start of a weekend, especially a long birthday weekend.
  5. Thankful for beautiful fall days…perfect for birthday parties.
  6. Thankful for lazy Sundays.
  7. Thankful for days off from work….my birthday
  8. Thankful for Kalia. It’s National Adoption Month and I’m so very thankful we were blessed to be a part of something so miraculous!
  9. Thankful for all who serve our country.
  10. Thankful for my hubby – Happy Birthday to him!
  11. Thankful for the opportunity to workout. Boy do I need it!
  12. Thankful for beautiful weather…73 degrees outside!
  13. Thankful for long walks with my hubby!
  14. Thankful for fabulous coworkers!
  15. Thankful for good health!
  16. Thankful for time spent with my oldest. Dinner out for good grades. I love her more than words can say.
  17. Thankful for dinners with my family. Doesn’t happen all the time since there’s always something going on.
  18. Thankful my girls have such wonderful friends.
  19. Thankful for the opportunity to take the older girls to watch Breaking Dawn. Thankful they still want to hang with their mom!
  20. Thankful for all the modern conveniences that we think we couldn’t live without.
  21. Thankful that Emilee has decided to apply herself more in school.
  22. Thankful for good neighbors.
  23. Thankful I was able to get in to see the Dr. & get some meds before Thanksgiving.
  24. Thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving with family!
  25. Thankful for good deals & time spent shopping with my hubby!
  26. Thankful for a hubby who takes care of me when I’m not feeling well.
  27. Thankful I’m beginning to feel better!
  28. Thankful that this work day is over!
  29. Thankful Kalia was in such a good mood while grocery shopping!
  30. Thankful the weather is nice enough to go for a walk outside.

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