November 27, 2011


Other than me getting pleuresy right before the holiday, it was a fantastic time, as usual. I was in quite a bit of pain for the majority of the day, but did my best to enjoy the time with my family.

I wanted to host Christmas this year, so we spent Thanksgiving at my sister’s. We were worried about being cramped as her house is not very big, but the weather was beautiful so we were able to kick everyone outside for the most part.

We enjoyed some bike riding, trampoline playing and swinging. As it got dark & started to cool off, we came inside & played some card games. As usual, we spent the whole day there….and didn’t leave until around midnight.

Since most stores were opening between 10 & midnight this year, we just decided to stop by some on the way home. We didn’t get anything we were after so headed on home to get a few hours sleep before heading back out about 7:00 the next morning.

I’m so very thankful for my family. I love them with all my heart and couldn’t imagine not having them around (even if they do irritate me on occasion) Smile

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