November 17, 2011

40 years!

IMG_0055_caramel dreams

My hubby celebrated his 40th birthday last week. Somehow the girls & I managed to throw him a surprise birthday party. That’s harder than you’d think. considering it was to be held in the afternoon on a Saturday…and we’re not ones to stay around the house & do nothing. Not to mention it’s hard to decorate when you can’t get him out of the house.


I did manage to get him out for an hour or so, barely long enough to get a couple of apple pies made. Then we were able to get him out for another 45 minutes so everyone can show up. Not an easy feat!

But we did it…and he enjoyed himself.

We played some relay races, had a late lunch of game day snack type foods, then had some apple pie, cupcakes & ice cream. And then we got the brilliant idea to play water pong (a variation on the traditional beer pong)



A great time was had by all!



We also got him a radio controlled helicopter…which he LOVES. He love sit so much he’s already talking about learning how to control this one, then trading up to a bigger one.

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  1. That's cool! We all had a blast! The girls asked how old he was and I told them forty and they said, "Wow, that's A LOT of numbers!" :)lol