September 16, 2011

An Important Day

Amanda turned 15 on August 27.

Unfortunately for her...that was a Saturday.

I say unfortunately because 15 is an important year in our state (or maybe in most state...I'm not sure).

15 means she's eligible to get her learner's permit.

And, unfortunately, government offices are not open on Saturday.

So she had to wait a whole 48 hours after her birthday to take that all important test and get that coveted card.


Which she did....get the card, that is!

And let's just say she was ecstatic!

She's been practicing as much as she can in the past month, and is really pretty good. We haven't been able to get her out & drive as much as we'd like, but when we do, she does pretty good.

I can't believe she's to this age already. I can't stop thinking how quickly time is passing. Soon she'll be driving, then graduating, then leaving home, going to college, getting married.... YIKES!



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