September 26, 2011

Marching Band

Both of my older girls are in marching band this year. Amanda is a seasoned pro...this being her 3rd year.

Emilee is a newbie. But she's loving it!

The band is short 1 flag carrier this season, so they are using some of the newbies to help out. Emilee got her turn out of the way first and now she's free for the rest of the season.


Their first parade was a very small one the weekend after Labor Day, in a town about 10 miles from home.


This weekend was their 2nd parade, their 1st judged. They did very, very good....taking home 1st PLACE!

IMG_98~2 (check out those spiffy new uniforms!)

They will be playing for MU Homecoming game in a couple weeks. Can't wait to watch that!

Go 'Cats!

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