September 16, 2011

It was a "Berry" special birthday


Kalia is IN LOVE with Strawberry Shortcake right now. She has about 5 DVDs, and every one of them are about to get thrown away because a) I'm seriously tired of watching them... b) She's so obsessed that she throws big fits when forced to take her eyes off the screen... and c) because they've been watched so many times that they don't play well anymore.


So....what better theme to have for her birthday this year!

IMG_9761_wc(Don't you just love her "pose"?!  And she just could not wait until after the photo shoot to eat...she was "starving"!) 

We had her party at the park again...and the weather was PERFECT! (Minus the 5 minute light rain shower in the middle, but we were under covered patio, so all was good). The sun was shining (again...minus that 5 minute shower), the temperature was perfect at about 75 degrees, and the kids were all in great moods!


They had a blast playing at the park for a bit, then came back to eat some delicious peanut butter & jelly sandwiches & chips (yep...gourmet meal right there. Although everyone loved them. There's just something about good ole pb&j!). Just as we were finishing lunch & were getting ready to break the pinata, is when the rain came through. My sister rushed to untie the pinata, and got it to safety just before the clouds broke open.


Once the rain was gone & the pinata was hung back up, we got the kids in line & they worked to break it open. Let me just say, that pinata? Was the in having to stuff the last few pieces in & fight to close the top...FULL! But that must have been one strong pinata, as everyone got to hit 2 times before it finally broke open.


The kids had a blast hurrying to fill their bags. Quentin decided to take his chances & pick out all the Starburst. Kalia loves suckers, so she got a lot of them. Of course, she spent most her time trying to open one & eat it instead of filling her bag, but her aunt & big sisters were there to help fill hers up.


(This is while we were singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Apparently we were embarrassing her!)

After opening presents (of which she got some cute clothes made by Grandma, a Gymboree outfit, a cute winter coat, some Lego Blocks, arts & crafts supplies, more clothes & books and a Glow in the Dark Doodle thing), we ate some yummy dessert. And what dessert is the perfect dessert for our Strawberry Shortcake theme? Yep...strawberry shortcakes! These were a HIT! Everyone loved creating their own shortcake.


All in all it was a "Berry" special birthday.

Now...moving on to the next one (Emilee's 13th is next month...lots of fun things planned for her, too)

(p.s. The tutu was made by yours truly...and she was supposed to have a special shirt (with a strawberry on it) to wear with it, but it didn't come in in time :( )

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