July 17, 2011

Splash Zone

splash zone 0711

It was SO hot today! Actually it’s been hot for the past week…and there’s no end in sight. Temps have been in the mid-upper 90’s, with over 100% humidity (heat index between 100-110 last weekend and forecasted through the end of this coming week).


We had to find a way to get outside, burn off some energy…but not burn up in the process.


So we headed to Columbia where they have a really nice public lake and splash pad. The lake is really clean, and the splash pad is always fun.


We played around in the lake for an hour or so. Kalia loves to “swim” (really she just hangs on us & splashes, but hey….) and play in the sand. When we were tired of sitting in the sun & sand, we headed to the splash area and played in clean, chlorinated water. Kalia had a great time trying to sit on the sprays.

It was definitely a fun Sunday.

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