July 19, 2011


This past Saturday, Kalia was invited to a playdate with her friends from school. She doesn’t attend school during the summer, so it was especially nice to get together & see them all again.

She’s getting so much better going to new places & hanging with people. Even though she knows these kids and sees them everyday, she still has a hard time getting back into playing with them. This time it only took about 15 minutes and then she was off & running.

She played in the room for a bit, then had some lunch and headed outside to what she would consider the REAL FUN! She is such a water baby and absolutely LOVES to play in the water. She spent the rest of the afternoon running between the pool, the slide and the sprinkler.


The only thing that was able to pull her away was a cupcake…which she thoroughly enjoyed!

It was a great time! Thanks so much to the Buchanan’s for inviting us. Hope to do it again real soon!

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