July 24, 2011

{Happy Birthday}


My beautiful twin nieces turned five this past week! So hard to believe!

My sister (who throws the absolute BEST parties) put together a tie-dying party this year.

tie dying 0711


It had just started to rain when we got there. Now, we welcome the rain, as we really need it. But it could have held off til after the party! Luckily it didn’t last long, and wasn’t real hard so the kids just played in the rain for a bit. The bad thing was after the rain was gone, humidity & hot temps came back with a vengeance! It was horrible!

But, despite the lovely weather, we had SO much fun! I was even able to get Kalia interested enough to help (a little).


My dad built an amazing playhouse for the girls (of which I have no pictures, unfortunately). Kalia decided to take over it while we were there. We had to remind her a number of times that it was not hers. I think we might have to get her one Smile

birthday fun 0711

The girls got some really neat presents…a table/chair set, dry erase board with markers, a Crayola art set, a golf set and of course, cash!



Kalia’s favorite part (besides the really cool playhouse) was the cupcakes. My girl has a thing for cupcakes! (And apparently so does my niece & nephew. I have no idea why they decided to eat them like this! But they thought it was hilarious!)

Thanks for inviting us. We had a great time celebrating the girls’ birthday with them. (Still hard to believe they’ll be in kindergarten in a few weeks! Time sure does fly!)

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  1. No, thanks for coming! The girls love the marker board and table set you got them! Not sure I throw the best parties, but thank you for the compliment :) Totally didn't see Peyton and Gracie eating like that...too funny! :) lol