June 21, 2011

Last day in TN

Day 5…Chattanooga

ruby falls

Bright & early the next day (and by bright & early I mean about 10), we piled in the car & drove a couple hours south to Chattanooga. Amanda had found a cave with a waterfall inside (Ruby Falls) and Lookout Mountain that she wanted to visit.

ruby falls 3

Kalia enjoyed the waterfall, but not so much the cave tour. It was cramped and the terrain was hard to navigate, especially someone with trouble walking & keeping balance.

ruby falls 2

Ruby Falls was BEAUTIFUL!


And when we finished touring we climbed up the mountain a bit to get a view of Chattanooga. We had a late lunch of Popeye’s Chicken (we don’t have that around here…it was REALLY good), then drove back to Nashville.

We did a little shopping at some consignment shops, then crashed back at the hotel. Everyone was pooped from the long night before and the early/long day today.


It was time to head home. We left the hotel around 8:30, stopped off for breakfast at IHOP (yum!), then high-tailed it back home. We were ready for our own beds & familiar things (Kalia made it in the house approx. 3 minutes before she had her books & puzzles drug out). Chinese take-out for dinner, a movie and thus ended our family vacation 2011.

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