December 21, 2010

Band Concerts

The girls both had band concerts in the past couple weeks.....Emilee's 1st.

It's amazing to see how far they've come. This was Emilee's first concert, and they did pretty good..considering... They have a new band teacher, and I don't agree with some of the things he's doing, but not only is he new to the district...he's fresh out of college! So he's got some learning to do, too...and I'm sure things will improve as he finds his way.

Unfortunately one of the things I didn't like was the fact that the only songs the students played were the short songs from their music books...each song no more than 1 minute long. They played 5-6 songs, so their entire concert was less than 10 minutes! I think they should have been reading easy sheet music by now. Yes...I'm sure they would have made some mistakes, but playing a concert for less than 10 minutes is just degrading my opinion. Push them just a little.... OK...I'm off my soapbox now :)

Here's some pics from (just before) Emilee's concert -   (I just noticed that I didn't take any of her actually playing....Her dad couldn't make it, so I was concentrating on video-taping the performance for him):

emilee concert


Amanda's was nice, too. The band played good, but again....just some things that would have worked better. We're in a very small school system, with a total of approx. 40 band members (from 7th - 12th grades). He broke them down into JH (7th & 8th) and HS (9th - 12th). Made for a VERY small band. I just think it would have sounded much better to put them all together, like it's been done in the past.

Here's the pics from Amanda's concert - (again...I took more video than actual pics):

amanda concert


  1. Congrats to the girls on their performances! I never had the nerve or talent to try out for band or learn an instrument; kudos to them.

  2. p.s. And kudos to mom for keeping a lot of balls in the air at once, with apparent grace. :)